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Let the Smoke Roll

Hopeful BBQ teams roll in after close of business on Friday and start firing things up.  They smoke through the night in beautiful Veterans Memorial Park, right on the Trenton town square. Why do they travel (some as far as Mississippi) and stay up all night to monitor the perfect cook? 

Because it's all about the 'QUE, baby!!!

Smoke on the Square BBQ Contest brings some of the best teams in the tri-state area together to compete for a good cause. Held every year on the second Saturday in September, the competition begins to heat up the night before. Teams are competing in three categories: chicken, ribs, and pork.  The top three winners in each category are announced around 3pm on Saturday, when the festival is winding down. Working hard to impress the judges and earn the best possible score for each category, their eyes are also on the grand prize. To be called as Grand Champion means you earned the highest total score overall. Last year's Grand Champion received a custom cutting board donated by Grump's Abstracts and a cash prize.

Competition Teams can also participate in the People's Choice Award for the best pulled pork. This is a coveted title that comes with major bragging rights. Plus, the money earned from selling People's Choice plates goes straight to our fundraiser.

Entry fees for this comp are split between the prize pot and A Hand UP Ministries ( 

Good BBQ is even better when it is cooked for a cause! 

Smoke on the Square is a non-sanctioned event, which means that anyone who can cook is welcome to compete!

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